​​​Ministry of Education Focal Person

Hassan Juma Muhsin

HIV/AIDS Focal Person
Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
Tel: +255 773 170 389
email: rehassjuma@yahoo.co.uk or edu@zanzinet.com

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For a summary of the Zanzibari Ministry of Education's response to HIV, including facts on Zanzibar's school health and nutrition programme, please click on the following link:

HIV and AIDS MoE Focal Point Survey 2007 - Zanzibar

For the documents outlined below please contact Hassan Muhsin. 

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Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. ​Annual work plan for HIV/AIDS Education Program July 2005 – 2006​Annual work plan to develop HIV/AIDS policy and a coordinated stakeholders programme leading to promotion of HIV/AIDS free education sector.
​Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. (2005) Draft Strategic Plan 2005 – 2010 for Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS Activities into the Ministry's Core Functions​The mission of this strategic plan is to coordinate and manage mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS activities into the Ministry's core functions by creating awareness, educating, training and sensitizing the workforce, students, clients and stakeholders on prevention, treatment, care and support for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
​Guidance and Counseling Manual for Zanzibar Schools (2003)Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).​This manual has been developed to provide a simple document that will guide teacher-counselors in providing counseling services to students in all Zanzibar school. It was designed in such a way that the user moves from identification of students' needs and problems to practical guides in carrying out group counseling and one-to-one counseling
​Family Life Education project (2003) KAP of Students, Teachers and Parents on Moral Ethics and Environmental Studies (MEES) related issues. Final Report - IntroductionUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).​The Family Life Education project seeks to provide young people and adults with an awareness of the interrelationships between population and development, especially socio-economic aspects which fall under the rubric of 'quality of life', such as the environment, resources, health, education, employment and other social services, as well as traditional beliefs and practices. The purpose of the survey presented here is to assess progress and the effectiveness of the project.
Ministry of Education (1999) ​MEES Source Book - introduction​Institutionalisation of MEES in the educational system aimed at enabling youths to make informed responsible decisions on human sexuality, reproductive health, responsible parenthood, gender, family size and welfare, and other environmental issues. Since the colleges lack relevant reference materials for MEES content, the Ministry of Education developed this source book to be used by the college tutors and trainees as a reference material.
​Wizara ya Elimu, Utamaduni na Michezo (2002) Mihutasari ya Sayansi. Darasa la IV – VIIUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
​Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (2002) Syllabus for English. Standard I-VIIUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).​We have moved away from the traditional grammar-based approach to language learning and instead switched to the functional approach which places major emphasis on communication. The approach allows the learner opportunities for creative and meaningful learning. This syllabus is only a guide. Therefore, teachers should feel free to use a variety of their own materials.
​Zanzibar National HIV/AIDS Strategic plan 2004/5 – 2008/9 (2004)Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window). T​his strategic plan is intended to address all issues that fuel the spread of the disease while at the same time underline strategic actions towards control and prevention of any further spread of HIV. The strategy spells out the basic approaches and principles, with clearly identified objectives and strategies for the period 2004-2009. It also contains an institutional / coordinating mechanism, financial mobilisation framework as well as a monitoring and evaluation system to be used during the implementation process. All this will help to provide strategic guidance to the planning of programmes, projects and interventions by various stakeholders.​
Ministry of Education, Zanzibar (2007)​ ​HIV and AIDS MoE Focal Point Survey 2007 - Zanzibar ​A summary of the Zanzabari Ministry of Education's response to HIV, including facts on Zanzibar's school health and nutrition (SHN) programme, the results from a survey of HIV Focal Points conducted in 2007.​​​