​​​​​​​​Are you involved in a deworming programme? If so the good folk at Deworming Inventory would like you to tell them about it at the 2010 Global NGO Deworming Inventory. This annual census aims to help ensure the deworming work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), faith-based organizations (FBOs) and other independent organizations is recognized and counted. 

What is the Global NGO Deworming Inventory?

The Global NGO Deworming Inventory was launched in June of 2010 with the explicit purpose of assessing the breadth and scope of NGO deworming activities and their treatment achievements worldwide. The Inventory collates data on NGO deworming activities and presents an overview of who is deworming where, and how many children are being treated. Data from the Inventory are then shared with the WHO Preventive Chemotherapy (PCT) Databank to compile NGO deworming data with data from Ministries of Health and measure collective progress towards the World Health Assembly (WHA) target of treating 75% of school age children at risk of infection with intestinal worms.

Results from the 2009 Inventory

Twenty-four NGOs participated in the 2009 Deworming Inventory and reported about 62.8 million treatments (school-age children treated with a deworming drug), of which 20.8 million were unique treatments not previously captured in the WHO databank. These numbers indicate that there is a notable amount of deworming conducted by NGOs that is not recognized at the global level and therefore not reflected in measurements of global progress towards reaching the WHA target. Visit the 2009 Inventory Reports page for treatment reports by country, organization, and for a full report on the 2009 Inventory results.

You are Invited to Participate

The 2010 Deworming Inventory strives to continue highlighting the achievements of NGO deworming programs and ensure that your efforts are accounted for at the global level. We thank all organizations that participated in last year's Inventory and extend the invitation to all organizations with deworming programs to participate in the 2010 Deworming Inventory.

How to participate

Please download the 2010 Treatment Reporting Form, complete the requested items to describe your deworming program and achievements, and submit the completed form to info@deworminginventory.org. Alternatively, if you have your own deworming program report, please send the report to info@deworminginventory.org. If you choose to submit your own program report, please make sure it includes all the required data elements as specified in the Treatment Reporting Guidelines.

What Happens to the Data Submitted​​​

As treatment data are collected, country-level aggregated reports will be developed and posted on the Highlighted Reports page of the Inventory website. Please see the reports published for 2009 data to see how data will be compiled and presented.

For more information about the Inventory, please visit the Inventory website
For any concerns or clarifications, please email: info@deworminginventory.org.