​The 4th School Health and Nutrition (SHN) training course wrapped up on Tuesday 12 December, having brought together over 37 participants from 12 countries in the region. Participants represented ministries of health and education, academia and civil society.  

​​Image of the health promoting school resized.jpgThe course was organised for the 4th time by Imperial College London's Partnership for Child Development, ​Mahidol University and the Japan Consortium for Global School Health Research

Over the course's ten days, lectures and workshops were delivered by international experts on SHN topics dewormingWASHschool feedinginclusion of children with disabilities and disaster management, alongside sessions on policy and health education

To enhance the interactive nature of the course, participants took part in break-out sessions where they worked on their SHN country action plans, later presented on day 9 of the course. 

Cross Learning 

Learning from the Thai experience was also a key feature of the course; midway through the course, participants visited health promoting and inclusive SHN schools. The health promoting school's infrastructure included a school infirmary, mosquito repellent measures, a school garden and helminthes disease control. At the inclusive school, both students and teachers facilities were observed and participants were able to discuss in-depth with teachers. 

​Course Presentations