6th Asia School Health & Nutrition Training Course

12-19 February 2017 at Mahidol University, Bangkok

Applications are now open for the 2017 edition of the internationally renowned Asia School Health and Nutrition Training Course. The course is designed to enable participants to develop country-specific action plans reflecting all aspects School Health & Nutrition (SHN) and to share learning about cutting-edge developments in the field.

This interactive and participatory course features lectures and workshops by international experts on SHN covering a range of contempor​ary issues including:

  • Integrated SHN programming;
  • Policy analysis;
  • School feeding and nutrition;
  • Inclusion of children with disabilities;  and,
  • Disaster prevention in the SHN context.

The course provides participants, from both education and health sectors, the chance to share their programmatic experiences and build SHN capacity at national and regional levels. Participants will visit schools in Thailand, to directly observe SHN activities and learn from teachers, school directors and pupils.

The course is convened by Mahidol University, the Japan Consortium for Global School Health Research and Imperial College London's Partnership for Child Development.

We are expecting participation from 10-12 Asian governments in 2017. In previous years the course has also seen attendance from UN agencies, multilaterals and bilaterals including the World Food Programme, World Bank, GIZ, JICA, UNESCO, UNICEF, USAID, and WHO as well as a range of non-governmental organisations.

Applications Process

Applications close on 1st December 2016.  Click here to apply and find out more.