​​Consultant Position - Independent Final Evaluation of the Partnership for Child Development Education For All Programme 

school children looking through classroom window in KenyaThe Partnership for Child Development (PCD) ​are accepting applications for a consultancy position to carry out an independent evaluation on one of its core programme grants focused on Education for All​ (EFA).  

The evaluation should assess the quality of the main outputs and outcomes of PCD's EFA programme delivered through the World Bank's Development Grant Facility (DGF), taking into account the relevant trends and conditions for achieving the EFA goals and should answer question on the programme’s performance with respect to its agreed objectives.

About the Partnership for Child Development

Established in 1992, PCD is a global consortium of civil society organisations, academic institutions and technical experts with a coordinating centre based at Imperial College London. PCD is committed to improving the education, health and nutrition of school-age children and youth in low income countries to develop policies, implement plans and establish support networks for school health and nutrition, HIV/AIDS and OVC programmes. 

About the Development Grant Facility

PCD has been receiving the DGF grant since 2002 and has conducted the programme in 62 countries globally under these objectives. PCD is exiting the DGF programme in June 2014 and a final evaluation that covers the entire grant period is required. 

​Consultant Activities 

The consultant’s activities should include, but are not limited to:
  • Analysis based on desk studies, desk study of all pertinent documents including the reports of PCD supported networks, their websites, conference programmes/proceedings and documents that were published in the context of the programme 
  • Interviews of PCD Board members, key partners, programme beneficiaries including country representatives, participants of seminars, courses and workshops from all participating countries, focal point representatives of at least three countries and other sources of relevant information
  • Undertaking of at least one field visit to conduct these interviews with the programme beneficiaries and the other partners 
  • Conducting online surveys where relevant 
The consultant shall present the basic methodology he/she intends to use in their proposals. The quality of the methodology will be object of a significant part of the selection criteria.

Qualifications and Selection Criteria
The evaluation consultant should demonstrate the following criteria:​
  • Advanced university degrees in the education, health, public policy or related field 
  • In-depth understanding and extensive knowledge of issues pertaining to quality assurance in education, in particular in developing countries 
  • A strong record of international work in support of education and /or development with at least 10 years of professional experience in programme or project evaluation of relevance to policy making 
  • Extensive knowledge of and more than 10 years’experience in applying qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods
  • Excellent data analysis skills
  • Oral and writing skills in English to the highest standards
  • In country experience with the education sector in developing countries is highly desirable
Further Details

For full details please download the Terms of Reference
All applications and enquiries should be directed to Abigail Deamer: a.deamer@imperial.ac.uk