20-24 April 2009:Accra, Ghana

UNESCO’s International Institute for Education Planning (IIEP) and UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Education in Africa (BREDA) are under increasing demand to provide planners and managers with the requisite skills to address the impact of HIV and AIDS on the education sector. Existing techniques have to be adapted and new tools developed to prepare personnel to better manage and mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

For this reason, IIEP and BREDA are organizing a workshop on "˜Educational planning and management in a world with AIDS’ that will be held in Ghana on 20-24 April 2009.
The workshop will bring Ministry of Education delegates together with representatives from different faculties of education and training centres that actively train educational planners and administrators across Anglophone West Africa. Based on a series of modules jointly prepared by IIEP and Edusector AIDS Response Trust, it will show participants how such materials can be used in their own courses and adapted to their national context.