Mark Williams MP and the APPG on Global Education for All​ invite you to a major event and reception to discuss how UK and world leaders can tackle the crisis in funding education for all and ensure that every child can fulfil their right to a quality education.

Fund the Future: Tackling the crisis in financing education for all 
Wednesday 26 March 2014 17.00-19.00 
Attlee Suite, Portcullis House 

In 2000, the global community committed that no country seriously dedicated to achieving education for all should be held back due to a lack of resources. Since then, great progress has been made. Yet 57 million children around the world remain out of primary school. 250 million children are in school but failing to learn the basics. Just when funding for education is ​​​most urgently needed, it is instead in crisis. While many developing countries have managed to increase their domestic education budgets, external aid for education is declining at an alarming rate.

Later this year, the Global Partnership for Education – the world’s only multilateral partnership devoted to getting all children into school for a quality education – will hold a major replenishment conference. This could be a turning point in the fight for education for all. The conference will convene world leaders from governments, civil society, international organizations, students, teachers, foundations, and the private sector to call for renewed commitments to education financing. As we approach this crucial opportunity, we welcome you all to discuss how the UK can build on its leading role in global education, and work with all partners to achieve education for all.