​​​iiDi logo.jpgLast week, the Interamerican Institute on Disability and Inclusive Development​ (iiDi) ​​was awarded by Uruguay's National Disabilities Commission for its work on promoting sexual and reproductive health messaging among the deaf youth community. ​

Specifically, the award 'Eslabon Solidario' commends iiDi's for training deaf adolescents as peer educators and developing videos and materials on sexual and reproductive health, widely disseminated in the country.  

Since 2006, iiDi, supported by Imperial College London's Partnership for Child Development​, have developed inclusive school health activities in Uruguay and Brazil. 

The National Disabilities Commission was created in 1988 to promote national policies to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. The award Eslabon Solidario was institutionalized in 1999 to distinguish those persons, public or private organizations, businesses, and media which have developed actions to promote disability rights.​