UNESCO (on behalf of all FRESH Partners) is seeking a monitoring and evaluation expert with experience in school health to support the finalization of an M&E framework for school health.

All interested candidates should send a CV and brief letter of motivation to Ms. Ramya Vivekanandan at UNESCO e-mail (r.vivekanandan@unesco.org) or fax (+33 1 45 68 56 36) by Friday, 2 September 2011 at 5:30pm CST.

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Since 2000, the internationally agreed FRESH (Focusing Resources on Effective School Health) framework has guided partners around the world on the basic principles for implementing school health programmes. The FRESH framework comprises four major components, notably policies, environment, services and skills-based health education. These pillars guide the work of the different FRESH partners.

Effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is essential if comprehensive school health programs, as outlined by the FRESH framework, are to be scaled up and sustained. Many resources have been developed by organizations to assist the M&E of school health programs and many more M&E resources exist within each health area (HIV/AIDS, nutrition, water and sanitation) with school aspects. The diversity of M&E resources that exists reflects the fact that school health programs are contextual and no one size fits all. Over the past two years, however, FRESH partners (through a Coordinating Group ) have been working on a generic M&E framework for school health interventions in low and middle income settings, which brings together the various sets of M&E guidance into one document. The need for such a framework was first identified during a participative review that took place in 2008, and then endorsed at a meeting of FRESH partners at WHO, Geneva, in September 2008.

In October 2010, another meeting of FRESH partners was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The purpose of this meeting was to review a draft M&E framework, identify gaps and decide upon next steps to finalize the framework. The major next step identified during the Paris meeting was the recruitment of a Consultant to work on finalising the framework and other key identified tasks. This Terms of Reference (TOR) lays out the major tasks, timeline and budgetary requirements for the Consultant position.


The purpose of contracting the Consultant is to complete and improve the current M&E framework and produce a penultimate draft which can be put in the public domain for wider review, field testing, finalisation and dissemination.. The aim is to have a pre-pilot version of the framework for presentation at the next meeting of the UNAIDS Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) on Education, which is scheduled for the week of 30 November 2011 in Washington DC.

Expected Results (Deliverables)

Under the supervision of the Coordinating Group, the Consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables/tasks with the ultimate goal of producing a penultimate M&E framework for school health:
  • Undertake the first revision of the framework based on comments and inputs from the Coordinating Group. This will include: completing gaps in indicators for summary, impact and thematic areas using a pre agreed format; ensuring consistency in the way that indicators are presented and described and adding process indicators (if agreed by Coordinating Group)
  • Attend and present the first revision at the meeting of the Coordinating Group in London
  • Finalise framework based on recommendations made during the Coordinating Group meeting Integrate remaining comments made by the Coordinating and Advisory Groups after reviewPrepare a presentation of the framework, for the IATT on Education MeetingPresent the framework at the IATT on Education Symposium


The Consultant will be home-based and will report directly to the FRESH Coordinating Group members and specifically to Ms. Ramya Vivekanandan at UNESCO. Commencing duties around 15 September 2011, the coordinator is expected to deliver the pre-pilot version of the M&E framework by 7 November 2011. Other deliverable dates are outlined in the table above.

The contract will include travel expenses for the Consultant’s travel to the meeting of the Coordinating Group in London in October 2011 and to the IATT on Education Symposium in Washington in November 2011.

Required skills

The key skills, technical background and experience required of the Coordinator include the following:
  • 5-10 yrs experience in monitoring and evaluation of health and/or education programs, particularly indicator development
  • Experience in school health preferable
  • Excellent coordination and liaison skills. Ideally the Coordinator will have experience in coordinating initiatives and/or activities between different international organizations.
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Fluency in English
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