School Health and Nutrition: Lessons from around the world

Thursday November 3rd 2011 09:00 – 16:30
UBHT Education Centre, Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol, BS2 8AE

Health and nutrition interventions delivered in school settings can translate into long-term health and economic benefits not simply by improving child health directly but by breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty. This meeting brings together world experts to examine where we are succeeding and failing in this area a decade after school health and nutrition strategieswere highlighted as a global priority at The World Education Forum in 2000.

Topics include:

  • School health & nutrition update – a decade since Dakar
  • School nutrition programmes: advances and updates
  • School nutrition programmes in the UK – learning and health outcome lessons
  • School health programmes: advances and updates
  • The WHO's Health Promoting Schools Framework: Progress on a Cochrane Systematic Review
  • Measuring the cost: Why we cannot afford to fail
  • The Education Context: Lessons for us all to learn

Speakers include:

  • Prof Don Bundy (World Bank)
  • Dr Simon Brooker (KEMRI-Wellcome)
  • Dr Mike Nelson (School Food Trust)
  • Ann Cotton OBE (CAMFED)
  • Aulo Gelli (Partnership for Child Development)
To attend this meeting visit the International Child Health Group website.