Today is World Day of Social Justice,a day which was first observed in 2007 and supports efforts of the international community to work towards:poverty eradication, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice for all.

In hisWorld Day of Social Justice message,United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said,"Growing inequality undermines the international community’s progress in lifting millions out of poverty and building a more just world. The fault lines are visible...inlimited access to education, health services and decent jobs."


School health and nutrition programmes are amongst the most cost effective interventions that exist to improve both children’s education and health. According to the World Bank, they can add four to six points to IQ levels, 1​0% to participation in schooling, and one to two years of education.


In recent years, the education sector has come to play an increasingly important role inhelping to prevent HIV, reduce stigma attached to the virus, and toprovide a social vacine.


Courage and Hope Cover

The sectoralso plays an important "˜internal’ role in providing access to care, treatment and support for teachers and staff.
The film and book, Courage and Hope shares the remarkable story of fourteachers living positively with HIV from across sub-Saharan.They share their experience of living with HIV; telling ofhow they discovered their HIV status and how this has affected their lives with their families, their schools and their communities.


Celebrating the day in 2013 comes at a crucial political moment, reflecting the wide consensus on the need for a strong social dimension to globalizationwhich will helpachieve improved and fair outcomes for all.