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School Health Integrated Programming (SHIP)_School-based Deworming Guidelines32763/21/2018 10:48:54 AM12/15/2016 10:12:52 PM7030 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2017School Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Education and Skills for Inclusive and Sustainable Development Beyond 201529711/21/2015 9:36:19 AMReport geared towards the post-2015 development agenda, looking at current trends in education, the agenda beyond 2015, and emerging trends in education delivery, including facilitation to work from school, rising skills and foundational skills, the growt6/20/2012 3:02:08 PM142 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfDpad.Consultant;Charlotte Broyd2015 UN System Task Team on the Post-2015 UN Development AgendaEducation General;#Inclusive Education;#
Everybody counts - Lessons from Sightsavers’ disability data disaggregation project309511/10/2015 3:20:05 PMThere is an acknowledged shortage of accurate data when it comes to measuring the participation of people with disabilities in development programmes. Sightsavers is testing the disaggregation of data in an attempt to learn how this can be done effectivel11/10/2015 3:19:20 PM90 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2015SightsaversInclusive Education;#
Integrated School Health A Manual For Teachers30695/15/2015 2:59:49 PM5/15/2015 3:28:04 PM2682 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2015PCDNTDs;#Micronutrients;#School Health General;#Malaria;#School Feeding;#Inclusive Education;#Child Vision;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
Mainstreaming Inclusive SHN Programmes: PCD Working paper 1:1204/1/2015 2:37:56 PMInclusive School Health and Nutrition Programmes: A roadmap for mainstreaming disability into the FRESH Agenda2/26/2015 4:05:33 PM2148 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2015Sergio MeresmanSchool Health General;#Inclusive Education;#Child Vision;#
Send ALL My Friends to School 26607/8/2014 11:58:03 AMThis report is a welcome contribution to the discussion about how to achieve inclusive education for all. It illustrates how the development programmes of the UK (and indeed other donors) can ensure that the most marginalised children, particularly childr6/19/2014 2:05:17 PM148 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2014 Global Campaign for EducationEducation General;#Inclusive Education;#
10th SHN Short Course Flyer 2014 3493/9/2014 9:09:36 AM10th SHN Short Course Flyer detailing course logistics and links to further information.3/7/2014 3:58:21 PM139 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2014PCDSchool Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Disability Framwork 2014 289312/4/2014 3:59:28 PMThis framework is aimed at DFID staff. It is intended to consolidate and explain the changes that are happening within DFID to strengthen disability inclusion in our policies and programmes, and outline the actions we are taking over the next 12 months.12/3/2014 9:01:36 AM269 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfDFID;Charlotte Broyd2014Department for International DevelopmentSchool Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Discussion paper of the UNAIDS Strategy Brief For Integrating Disability into AIDS programming15613/27/2014 3:57:01 PMThe task team and reviewers of the UNAIDS strategy brief welcome efforts from UNAIDS to develop a disability strategy in order to address the intersection of disability and HIV. This is of upmost importance as historically, people with disabilities as w3/26/2014 9:41:46 PM1129 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfpaulic;Francis Peel2014Hanass-Hancock J, Chappell P, Pretorius LHIV;#School Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
EFA Global Monitoring Report 2013-4: Teaching and Learning- A Gender Summary10453/19/2014 5:59:55 PMThe Gender Summary of the 2013/4 Education for All Global Monitoring Report highlights the serious gender imbalance in global education that has left over 100 million young women unable to read a single sentence. The summary, launched for International Wo3/5/2014 12:09:59 AM344 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2014UNESCOSchool Health General;#Education General;#Inclusive Education;#
Inclusive Education in Ghana284710/20/2014 10:00:26 AMDocument outlining case studies from Ghanaian schools on practices, limitations, community involvement, benefits and staffing for inclusive education. 4/16/2010 2:54:53 PM14064 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2014Prof. Grace Yawo GadagbuiSchool Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Towards Inclusive Education in Ghana284810/20/2014 10:00:30 AMDocument outlines the various approaches of inclusive education in Ghana and the need to fill certain gaps in this area. 10/20/2014 10:06:39 AM1037 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2014Mark Ocloo School Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Women with Disabilities_An Essential Group for Mother-to-child-Transmission Elimination26898/4/2014 9:55:23 AMThis report is based on a South African and Mozambiqian study looking at barriers for accessing preventive information and HIV services for women with disabilities (primarily hearing and motor impairments) who are mothers. 8/4/2014 10:54:10 AM47 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2014Sergio MeresmanHIV;#School Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Equal Right, Equal Opportunity Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities27412/5/2013 1:48:07 PMLaunched for International Day of Persons with Disabilities the Global Campaign for Education released this report outlining the state of education for disabled children alongwith recommendations for promoting inclusive education, delivering the right to 12/2/2013 6:03:31 PM199 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2013 Global Campaign for EducationEducation General;#Inclusive Education;#
3rd Asia SHN Training Course Presentations Day 386612/9/2013 5:23:43 PMPresentations given on nutrition, obesity, inclusive education and Home Grown School Feeding on Day 3 of the 3rd Asia 12/9/2013 5:28:28 PM129 Documents/Training Course PresentationszipFalsezipCharlotte Broyd2013Various School Health General;#Inclusive Education;#Nutrition;#
A Handbook on Mainstreaming Disability20118/14/2013 2:42:55 PMThis handbook aims to give practical guidance to support development organisations. The handbook is drawn from the experience of VSO DREAM-IT, a five-year disability programme carried out jointly by VSO Indonesia and VSO Thailand. 4/13/2006 2:55:37 PM69 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfAmanda Cummings;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2013VSOEducation General;#Inclusive Education;#
Inclusive Education Project Final Report21068/14/2013 2:47:57 PMThis project marks the end of a 3 year inclusive education project implemented by Handicap international in Kenya to provid a springboard for future projects to reach schools and communities to achieve greater inclusion of children with disability.3/26/2013 10:56:10 AM11629 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfAdministrator;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2013Handicap InternationalInclusive Education;#
Millions of people in the world have hearing loss that can be treated or prevented15282/10/2014 12:04:54 PMGlobally 32 million children have disabling hearing loss. Early detection and intervention is the most important factor in minimizing the impact of hearing loss on a child’s development and educational achievements.5/20/2013 9:23:35 AM15 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2013WHOInclusive Education;#
Profesores para todos La enseñanza inclusiva para las niñas y los niños con discapacidad26777/17/2014 10:52:39 AMThis paper first provides more detail about the context and scale of the challenge of obtaining more well trained and motivated teachers to support children with disabilities. It then outlines five broad issues that need addressing if we are to prepare, r7/17/2014 11:42:34 AM104 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2013International Disability and Development Consortium School Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
State of the World's Children 2013 Children with Disabilities8731/15/2014 11:59:15 AMUNICEF’s 2013 State of the World’s Children report focuses on the challenges that children with disabilities face in accessing their rights to school and emphasized that better data is needed to address the issue. 4/15/2013 2:01:06 PM180 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel;Charlotte Broyd2013UNICEFSchool Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Teachers for all Inclusive Teaching for Children with Disabilities26767/17/2014 10:52:35 AMThis paper first provides more detail about the context and scale of the challenge of obtaining more well trained and motivated teachers to support children with disabilities. It then outlines five broad issues that need addressing if we are to prepare, r7/2/2013 10:54:08 AM54 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2013International Disability and Development Consortium School Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Asia-Pacific end of Decade Notes on Education for all: Early Childhood Care and Education20388/14/2013 2:44:18 PMThe End of Decade Notes, highlight examples of innovative policy reforms and strategies, particularly those aimed at reducing disparities in access to and quality of education.8/3/2012 10:01:32 AM1096 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfUNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific; UNICEF;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2012UNESCOInclusive Education;#
Es parte de la vida: Material de apoyo sobre educación sexual y discapacidad para compartir en familia148811/3/2013 2:38:22 PMUn documento elaborado por UNICEF dar consejos y materiales para la educación sexual y la conciencia sobre la discapacidad para toda la familia de apoyo.11/3/2013 2:37:33 PM188 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSergio Meresman \(IIDI\);Charlotte Broyd2012UNICEFEducation General;#Inclusive Education;#
Gender Analysis in Education: A Conceptual Overview21348/14/2013 2:49:16 PMThe overview defines gender analysis and its importance, provides a description & history of gender approaches & gender analysis frameworks & their application to education, & shares guidelines & approaches for planning and implementing gender analysis to8/17/2012 2:15:58 PM806 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2012UNGEIEducation General;#Inclusive Education;#
PCDs Annual Report 2011-1214528/23/2013 11:25:58 AMPCD's annual report 2011-2012 describes school health and nutrition activities carried out during 2011 to 2012.12/5/2012 5:18:22 PM1504 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2012Partnership for Child Development HIV;#NTDs;#Micronutrients;#School Health General;#Malaria;#School Feeding;#M&E;#Inclusive Education;#Child Vision;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
Paper for conference on disability inclusive MDGs and Aid Effectiveness22358/14/2013 2:54:50 PMThis paper argues that inclusive Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) is essential for achieving MDG2, Universal Primary Education and this MDG won't be reached without addressing the inclusion of children with dissabilities.9/14/2012 12:18:12 PM210 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2012Tucker, M. & Rodger, N. School Health General;#Education General;#Inclusive Education;#
Promoting Health in Schools: From Evidence to Action22588/14/2013 2:55:25 PMThis publication is for people with an interest in what happens in our schools, particularly those who create policy but also for the wider school community and students as the effective promotion of health is an inclusive, participatory process.5/13/2011 10:42:06 AM41326 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfClaire Blanchard;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2012IUHPESchool Health General;#Inclusive Education;#
Psychosocial Support and HIV Key reading and resources22608/14/2013 2:55:28 PMA comprehensive list of psychosocial support and HIV key reading and resources which was produced by the UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development.11/8/2012 12:38:57 PM665 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfAlexis Palfreyman;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2012Consortium on AIDS and International DevelopmentHIV;#Education General;#Inclusive Education;#
Resilience, Equity, and Opportunity 24048/14/2013 3:08:36 PMThis report outlines the World Bank’s social protection and labour strategy, emphasising resilience, equity, and opportunity.5/25/2012 5:20:31 PM1130 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2012Social Protection and Labour Strategy Inclusive Education;#
The Power of Educating Adolescent Girls23638/14/2013 3:07:51 PMThis report seeks to increase understanding about the education of adolescent girls. Given the lack of information on education programmes for girls, it provides new data and analysis from research on more than 300 past and current programmes and projects11/17/2009 10:07:19 AM510 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfCynthia B. Lloyd;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2012The Population Council Education General;#Inclusive Education;#