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Community-Led School Sanitation Construction- FRESH school health webinar Nov 2017324311/15/2017 4:41:31 PM11/15/2017 4:39:51 PM304 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfIDCVFPEE;Francis Peel2017GIZSchool Health General;#WASH;#
FRESH SHN Webinar May 2017 Menstrual Hygiene Management in Emergencies32325/26/2017 4:05:46 PM5/26/2017 5:03:20 PM526 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfIDCVFPEE;Francis Peel2017School Health General;#WASH;#
FRESH webinar - Mainstreaming Menstrual Hygiene Management in schools in Philippines32315/26/2017 4:03:48 PMUNICEF5/26/2017 5:00:27 PM1612 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfIDCVFPEE;Francis Peel2017UNICEFSchool Health General;#WASH;#
WASH in School_International Learning Exchange32335/30/2017 9:44:18 AMA summary of the most relevant observations, learnings and recommendations, including the commitments and action plans of the 5th WASH in School International Learning Exchange in Jakarta (14–18 November 2016). 5/19/2017 5:18:50 PM754 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2017WinS_ILEWASH;#
Menstrual Hygiene Management Impacts Girls’ School experience in the Bolivian Amazon31807/13/2016 8:26:44 AMThis study complements the findings of the first MHM study undertaken in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 20121, by providing information specific to the Amazonian population of the eastern lowlands of Bolivia. These two studies together provide evidence, along wit7/13/2016 9:22:20 AM2828 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2016Save the Children and UNICEFSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Scaling-Up the Fit for School Program in Lao 319110/5/2016 11:01:06 AMScaling-Up the Fit for School Program Sisattanak District Experience4/6/2016 4:52:01 PM168 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2016GIZSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Integrated School Health A Manual For Teachers30695/15/2015 2:59:49 PM5/15/2015 3:28:04 PM2644 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2015PCDNTDs;#Micronutrients;#School Health General;#Malaria;#School Feeding;#Inclusive Education;#Child Vision;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
PCD working paper 4 Costing Analysis of School Health and Nutrition Interventions _ESHI casestudyPCD working paper 4 Costing Analysis of School Health and Nutrition Interventions - The ESHI casestudy309912/14/2015 4:51:18 PMThis report presents the overall costs of the integrated SHN interventions, a costing analysis of the efficiencies, and overall costs of the Enhanced School Health Initiative programme in Ethiopia. 12/14/2015 3:46:49 PM1314 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2015PCDNTDs;#School Health General;#School Feeding;#M&E;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Manual WASH Training for Hygiene Promotion Staff30705/15/2015 6:53:26 PM5/15/2015 4:50:02 PM37764 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2015PCD and NRCSchool Health General;#WASH;#
PCD Enhanced School Health Initiative leaflet284110/15/2014 5:46:53 PMLeaflet describing an integrated School Health and Nutrition programme in Ethiopia which integrates WASH, school feeding and deworming to benefit 30 schools and 30,000 schoolchildren. The programme is a collaboration between the Partnership for Child Deve10/15/2014 5:16:38 PM468 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2014 PCDNTDs;#School Health General;#School Feeding;#WASH;#
A qualitative comparative analysis of well-managed school sanitation in Bangladesh. BMC Public Health 2014, 14:67301/29/2014 10:44:28 AMContinued management of sanitation and hygiene services, post-intervention, is a global challenge, particularly in the school-setting. This study draws on in-depth qualitative data from 16 case schools in Meherpur, Bangladesh 1/29/2014 10:40:21 AM257 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrancis Peel2014Christie Chatterley, Amy Javernick-Will, Karl G Linden, Kawser Alam, Laure Bottinelli and Mohini VenkateshSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Ethiopia WASH sheet27898/28/2014 5:16:56 PMInfographic on the WASH behaviours of schoolchildren in the Southern Nations and Nationalities Peoples' Region of Ethiopia. 12/4/2013 5:17:17 PM105 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2014PCDSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Links to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 23918/14/2013 3:08:25 PMThis brief is produced by the Global Network on NTDs which can be linked to water and sanitation.9/5/2012 3:29:58 PM950 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2013Global Network NTDs;#WASH;#
The School Health and Nutrition: Health Education Manual21508/14/2013 2:49:42 PMThis manual pulls together 23 topics important for comprehensive School Health and Nutrition programmes. Each topic has a sample 60-minute lesson plan, geared toward children ages 8-10.1/16/2013 10:42:24 AM15572 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2013Save the ChildrenNTDs;#School Health General;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
Guide de L'Enseignment Moyen Sur L'eau, L'Hygiene et L'Assainissement15211/1/2013 12:42:39 PML’un des objectifs de ce guide est d’introduire à l’école élémentaire, des compétences liées à l’eau, à l’hygiène et à l’assainissement. C’est avec l’avènement de la sous-composante Santé et Nutrition du PDEF, confiée à la DCMS, que les questions d’enviro10/7/2013 11:27:08 AM40589 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2012PDEFSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Menstrual hygiene matters - A resource for improving menstrul hygiene around the world22178/14/2013 2:52:43 PMThe main purpose of this resource is to provide a comprehensive resource on menstrual hygiene that supports the development of context-specific information for improving practices for women and girls in lower- and middle-income countries.10/23/2012 9:20:19 AM39013 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2012House, S. et alSchool Health General;#Education General;#WASH;#
PCDs Annual Report 2011-1214528/23/2013 11:25:58 AMPCD's annual report 2011-2012 describes school health and nutrition activities carried out during 2011 to 2012.12/5/2012 5:18:22 PM1498 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfCharlotte Broyd2012Partnership for Child Development HIV;#NTDs;#Micronutrients;#School Health General;#Malaria;#School Feeding;#M&E;#Inclusive Education;#Child Vision;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
CRIANDO MÃOS LIMPAS Promovendo a Aprendizagem, Saúde e Participação através de WASH nas Escolas (Creating Clean Hands: Promoting Learning, Health and Participation through WASH in Schools)18248/14/2013 1:53:08 PM A report outlining the realisation of the right of all children to water, sanitation and hygiene education remains a major challenge for policy makers, administrators / managers in many schools and communities2/21/2011 6:15:50 PM817 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2011CARE et alSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Scaling Up Handwashing Behavior: Findings from the Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey in Senegal21038/14/2013 2:47:54 PMIn response to the preventable threats posed by poor sanitation and hygiene, the WSP launched Global Scaling Up Handwashing & Global Scaling Up Rural Sanitation1 to improve health & welfare outcomes for millions of poor people. Local & national government7/15/2011 8:33:16 AM1130 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfDebbie;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2011Orsola-Vidal, A. & Yusuf, A.WASH;#
School Health and Nutrition Program Update: Issue NO7, 2010: A Year in Review22748/14/2013 2:55:49 PMThe Save the Children SHN Program Update for 2010 provides a snapshot of the various SHN activities implemented by country offices in 2010, including water & sanitation, neglected tropical diseases and malaria & anaemia control in schools.5/11/2011 4:49:39 PM1893 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfkkappos;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2011Save the ChildrenNTDs;#School Health General;#Malaria;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
Basic guide for school directors, teachers, students, parents and administrators- wash-friendly schools23898/14/2013 3:08:22 PMThe present WASH-Friendly Schools Basic Guide for School Directors, Teachers, Students, and Administrators and the companion WASH-Friendly Schools Training Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Student Leaders are now a tested package that HIP has adapted from4/13/2011 2:12:14 PM7792 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfHIPTemp;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2010Academy for Educational DevelopmentSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Global Mapping of Initiatives in School Health and Nutrition, with Emphasis on Health Education21408/14/2013 2:49:30 PMThis mapping of global initiatives in school health and nutrition is intended as a source of technical support for those engaged in skills based health education to promote the effectiveness of school health and nutrition policies and programmes. A series8/17/2011 11:50:32 AM1809 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2010Nederveen, L. School Health General;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
Raising Clean Hands- Advanced learning and health through WASH in schools22628/14/2013 2:55:32 PMThis Call to Action for WASH in Schools puts forward a six-point plan towards providing each and every schoolchild with access to quality water, child-friendly sanitation and hygiene facilities, and hygiene education for lifelong health2/25/2010 9:02:44 PM851 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfUNICEF;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2010CARE et alSchool Health General;#WASH;#
School Health and Nutrition Manual: A Guide for program planning and implementation in Bangladesh20398/14/2013 2:44:19 PMThe purpose of this manual is to guide School Health and Nutrition programmers and implementing partners in Bangladesh on how to implement the SHN activities, setting out some basic programming standards.1/28/2010 11:42:56 AM6318 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2010Save the ChildrenSchool Health General;#Nutrition;#WASH;#
Strengthening Water,Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools- A WASH guidance manual with a focus on South Asia23888/14/2013 3:08:17 PMThis book is meant for managers and trainers involved in WASH in schools programmes operating at different levels, such as state, district or block level. It also provides many useful guidelines and activities that apply to similar programmes elsewhere.4/13/2011 11:11:56 AM18390 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2010IRC and partners School Health General;#WASH;#
Training guide for parents, teachers and student leaders- wash-friendly schools23908/14/2013 3:08:24 PMThe present Training Guide and the companion WASH-Friendly Schools Basic Guide for Schools Directors, Teachers, Students, Parents and Administrators are now a tested package that HIP has adapted from country-specific models for use in schools, communities4/13/2011 1:39:49 PM11917 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfHIPTemp;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2010Academy for Educational Development School Health General;#WASH;#
Changing hygiene behavior in schools and communities Successes and lessons learned from Nasirnagar, Bangladesh20408/14/2013 2:44:21 PMA report of Save the Children's work to change knowing the importance of good hygiene behaviour and putting these recommended behaviours into practice. 4/14/2009 3:22:44 PM8067 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfBecky Warren;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2009Save the ChildrenSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Improving water and sanitation in schools and communities Successes and lessons learned from Nasirnagar, Bangladesh20418/14/2013 2:44:21 PMThis report outlines how through its SHN program in Nasirnagar, Save the Children helped provide safe, affordable, and sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene at school and in communities.4/14/2009 3:22:20 PM8050 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfBecky Warren;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2009Save the ChildrenSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Manual for Day Care Centers on Garantisadong Pambata22138/14/2013 2:52:31 PMSHN manual for Day carers produced by Filipino Manuel produced as part of the Garantisadong Pambataprogram, a campaign that supports health programsgeared towards reducing childhood illnesses and deaths.4/13/2011 5:03:23 PM39961 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2009Fit for SchoolNTDs;#School Health General;#WASH;#
Manual for Teachers for the Implimentation of the Essential Health Care Program in Schools22128/14/2013 2:52:28 PMThe Essential Health Care Program (EHCP) for Filipino Children focuses on three interventions – daily handwashing with soap, daily toothbrushing with fluoride toothpaste, and biannual deworming4/13/2011 6:23:27 PM24579 Documents/DownloadspdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2009Fit for SchoolNTDs;#School Health General;#WASH;#