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Building Schools Promoting Health: Guidelines to Facilitate Health for Middle Schools18208/14/2013 1:53:07 PMThis document follows two previous versions titled 'Protocols and Guidelines for Health Promoting Schools'3/18/2009 2:20:02 PM80 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfFrédéric;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2012IUHPESchool Health General;#
Promoting Health in Schools: Evidence for Action (PROMOVER A SAÚDE NA ESCOLA DA EVIDÊNCIA À ACÇÃO)2118/14/2013 1:53:04 PMAlthough this document has been created primarily for policy makers, it also speaks to teachers, parents and students, regarding the promotion of health, and how to make it an effective, inclusive and participatory process.5/13/2011 10:36:17 AM1484 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfClaire Blanchard;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2012IUHPESchool Health General;#
CRIANDO MÃOS LIMPAS Promovendo a Aprendizagem, Saúde e Participação através de WASH nas Escolas (Creating Clean Hands: Promoting Learning, Health and Participation through WASH in Schools)18248/14/2013 1:53:08 PM A report outlining the realisation of the right of all children to water, sanitation and hygiene education remains a major challenge for policy makers, administrators / managers in many schools and communities2/21/2011 6:15:50 PM817 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2011CARE et alSchool Health General;#WASH;#
Reframing School Meals: Social Safety Nets, Child Development and Education Sector2228/14/2013 1:53:06 PMA report from The World Bank regarding school feeding and school meals (Portuguese)12/6/2013 4:01:08 PM22 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2009Bundy, D. et alSchool Health General;#Education General;#School Feeding;#
Education and HIV-AIDS Mozambique 2 (Portuguese)18288/14/2013 1:53:11 PMA document outlining HIV/AIDS programmes in Mozambique6/6/2007 12:25:00 PM955 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocja;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2003HIV;#
Educação e VIH/SIDA: Um Manual de Programas de Prevenção Contra o VIH/SIDA18338/14/2013 1:53:39 PM6/6/2006 2:43:00 PM3756 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocja;System Account2003
Educação_e_VIH_SIDA-Tanzânia18348/14/2013 1:53:49 PM6/6/2007 12:30:00 PM479 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocja;System Account2003
Educação_e_VIH_SIDA-Uganda-Baaba18358/14/2013 1:53:00 PM6/6/2007 12:29:00 PM161 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocja;System Account2003
Educação_e_VIH_SIDA_4B_África_do_Sul18328/14/2013 1:53:23 PM6/6/2007 12:28:00 PM12 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocNelly Enriquez;System Account2003
Programa: Sumário18298/14/2013 1:53:19 PMA document outlining HIV/AIDS programmes in Senegal6/6/2007 12:26:00 PM70 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocja;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2003HIV;#
Resumo de programa18368/14/2013 1:53:02 PM6/6/2007 12:30:00 PM72 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocSofia Sousa;System Account2003
Resumo de programa18378/14/2013 1:53:03 PM6/6/2007 12:31:00 PM80 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocNelly Enriquez;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2003
Resumo do Programa18308/14/2013 1:53:20 PMA document outlining HIV/AIDS programmes in Uganda6/6/2007 12:26:00 PM39 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocja;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2003HIV;#
Sumário do Programa18318/14/2013 1:53:21 PM6/6/2007 12:27:00 PM29 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocja;System Account2003
SaÚdE EsCoLaR2338/14/2013 1:53:06 PMA document outlining the benefits of a FRESH approach in School Health6/5/2007 10:10:00 AM321 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocwb222644;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2001School Health General;#
A Situation Analysis (Portuguese)1988/14/2013 1:53:04 PMA Situation Analysis report in Portuguese Identifying Priority Problems and Nutrition health in schools6/5/2007 11:08:59 AM Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd1999PCDSchool Health General;#M&E;#Nutrition;#
(FRESCO)18448/14/2013 1:53:03 PM6/5/2007 10:07:00 AM25 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocFCosta;System Account
Educação e VIH/SIDA: Um Manual de Programas de Prevenção Contra o VIH/SIDA18278/14/2013 1:53:10 PMA document outlining different HIV/AIDS programmes throughout Africa6/6/2007 12:25:00 PM44 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocja;System Account;Charlotte BroydHIV;#
Focalizar Recursos Numa Saúde Escolar Eficaz Uma Abordagem FRESH para Alcançar a Educação para Todos18468/14/2013 1:53:03 PM6/5/2007 10:08:00 AM63 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocNanda;System Account
Um Programa FRESCO para Melhorar a Qualidade e a Equidade na Educação. Fórum Mundial sobre Educação 200018478/14/2013 1:53:03 PM6/5/2007 10:08:00 AM14 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocNanda;System Account