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Achieving Health Promoting Schools: Recommendations For Promoting Health Conservation in Schools (Russian version)18108/14/2013 1:57:23 PMThis is the second version of the document previously called "Protocols and guidelines for promoting schools preservation of the health of students "3/17/2009 12:42:33 PM291 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2009IUHPESchool Health General;#
Quality Education and HIV and AIDS -Russian2148/14/2013 1:57:26 PMA report on Quality Education and HIV and AIDS -Russian4/16/2009 6:02:28 AM47 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfPigozzi, Mary Joy; UNAIDS Inter Agency Task Team on Education;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2009UNAIDSHIV;#Education General;#
Укрепление Здоровья Учащихся в Школах от информации к действиям- Promoting Health in Schools from Evidence to Action (Russian version)2098/14/2013 1:57:24 PMA report detailing evidence of promoting health in schools and actions to be taken to achieve this4/15/2011 7:05:34 PM2787 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxpdfFalsepdfSystem Account;Charlotte Broyd2009IUHPESchool Health General;#
Концентрация ресурсов для эффективной школьной гигиены (FRESH) «Свежий подход» (FRESH) для обеспечения Образования для Всех18458/14/2013 1:57:24 PMA document outlining the improvement of learning outcomes by improving health and nutrition & putting school health in the national plan of action to achieve EFA12/3/2007 3:53:00 PM1765 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocnone;System Account;Charlotte Broyd2001School Health General;#Education General;#Nutrition;#
Школьное здоровье и питание Анализ Ситуации2318/14/2013 1:57:31 PMSchool Health and Nutrition Situation Analysis (Russian)                                                      1999 Part approach to building programs that promote health, nutrition and Learning in school performance (Russian)12/3/2007 3:53:00 PM23 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocuser;System Account;Charlotte Broyd1999School Health General;#Nutrition;#
Facts about Schistosomiasis18428/14/2013 1:57:24 PM12/3/2007 3:54:00 PM12 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocuser;System Account;Charlotte BroydNTDs;#
СПИД поворачивает доллар часы на развитии- Education and HIV AIDS - A window of hope - Executive summary18388/14/2013 1:57:23 PMThe written summary to accompany the film 'A Window of Hope'12/3/2007 3:51:00 PM28 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocuser;System Account;Charlotte BroydWorld BankHIV;#Education General;#
Факты о кишечных червях18418/14/2013 1:57:24 PMDocument written in Russian about intestinal worms12/3/2007 3:54:00 PM1384 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocnatali;System Account;Charlotte BroydNTDs;#
Школьное здравоохранение2328/14/2013 1:57:31 PMSchool health care: Why use FRESH programmes for school health? (Russian)12/3/2007 3:52:00 PM555 Documents/Forms/Chronological1.aspxdocFalsedocbelarus;System Account;Charlotte BroydSchool Health General;#